A Picture Is Worth a 1000 Words?

Is a picture really worth 1000 words?

It was once said;
“Advertising has to be the world’s second oldest profession because someone had to tell everyone about the first.”


Graphic Design:

When creating direct mail pieces, brochures, postcards etc, keep in mind what the real purpose of the piece is; you are trying to get the prospect to call or visit you for more information about your company so once they do, you can start the selling process from there.



Do not attempt to jam everything you know into one mailer or brochure and hope the piece sells your product or service for you; you are simply trying to get the prospect to contact you for additional information so the selling process can begin. For me, I really believe in creating a BIG message with a few words to capture the attention of the reader in a split second. I also prefer to include a colorful, eye-catching photo with a simple headline on it because a picture really is worth a thousand words!

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